About Me

You will not find much of a bio here and to be honest I consider more this blog as a place to put down some thoughts rather than a way to publish them. Having said that I do enjoy reading about people small hacks and I thought some might enjoy reading about mine.

But here’s a couple things which I love.

Masters of Doom by David Kushner

I read it in 2005 and made me think that I wasted my youth; I should have been making video games. The book is about Id Software rise and is definitely worth a read. It’s my favourite book by a long way. It traces the steps of young John Carmack and John Romero as they founded the company that defined the first person shooter genre. It goes through the early days of Commander Keen all the way to Quake 3 Arena, from the days of living on a few dollars to the days of commute to the office in Ferrari. But it’s definitely more a tale of video games than money.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

I read this one just after the death of Steve Jobs in 2011. I am not an Apple “fan boy” but I definitely feel passionate about the book, listening to Bob Dylan music at the time added to the experience. What I liked about it is that it doesn’t always describe Steve Jobs under the best light but rather someone who can be manipulative, arrogant and unbearable, someone impossible to work with and yet I’ve finished the book with nothing else but a huge respect for the man, someone who has turned around companies, created industries and at times accomplished the impossible.

To mention another couple things “Indie Game: The Movie” is a must watch in my mind and so is “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters”.

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